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EuniqueBeauty Ltd is a  small UK based beauty company owned by two Ghanaian-Italian sisters. Two interesting facts about us: 

  1. We are a self-taught indie makeup brand that works very hard to create all products 

  2. The name Euniquebeauty comes from combining the word Eu (ju) meaning “good,” “well,”of Greek origin and the word Unique, pronounced “UniqueBeauty”.  


EuniqueBeauty launched its first beauty product in April 2016 with10 matte liquid lipsticks and expanded since then with other beauty products. We aspire to provide: Good Quality Products and Good Customer Service by keeping the uniqueness of our brand and enhance the unique beauty of our customers with handmade products. 


EuniqueBeauty is a two women show: from the design to the packaging, concept, colour story, shades, pigments, names, formula, pressing the eyeshadows, operations, marketing, and customer service. Our products are handmade and hand-pressed in London and they are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.


We ensure to provide the highest quality of products at a reasonable  price as we believe everybody deserve to be able to enhance their natural beauty. Every single items we create are inspired or connected to our everyday life experiences from childhood memories to current which people can relate to. 

Welcome to this journey with us and we hope you stay!

EuniqueBeauty Team 

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